Wicked Nature

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DZ Deathrays — Gina Works At Heart

Taken from a highly anticipated forthcoming sophomore LP ‘Black Rat’ which will be released on the 2nd of May 2014 (via)


Death From Above 1979

Jesse and Sebastian in:

"The most awkward band photo ever taken".

Thomas Bangalter & JFK


I wish my name was brad so that I would be 75% rad



Vincente Grondona

This is awesome!

"We are born to live, we are born to understand, we are born to carry a cursed pattern and be transformed by pain."
Jeff Buckley


Columbian artist Lola has a knack for painting over sordid polaroid photographs, leaving everything and nothing to the imagination all at once


22 years ago today Nirvana played at Reading Festival , 08/30/1992 .

Dave Grohl :"I really thought, this will be a disaster, this will be the end of our career for sure . Kurt had been in and out of rehab, communication in the band was beginning to be strained. Kurt was living in L.A., Krist and I were in Seattle. People weren’t even sure if we were going to show up. We rehearsed once, the night before, and it wasn’t good . It turned out to be a wonderful show, and it healed us for a little while.”